Our Story

We are a group of passionate business owners determined to disrupt the consensus that A. you go to school to learn how to get a job… B. You have to go in debt before you can get that great job and C. You have to trade your time for money and D. You have to wait until you’re 65 years old before you can enjoy your time on earth.

Our team

To Get to The Next Level, You Have to Flock with Next Level People

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Founder / CEO

Tene Williams

Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary and Creative financing guru

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Chief Business Development Officer

Ian Burrowes

Serial Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Investor

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Executive Marketing Director

Henry Vigeant

Blue Collar Entrepreneur, Military Vet, Restauranteer and Home Based Business Trainer

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Director of Trading

Beau Penaranda

Expert trader and trading coach

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Exec. Web Development Mgr.

Ayanna Burrowes

Cyber Security, Programmer, Firearms trainer

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Troyla Keller

Group Moderator and Student Support Specialist

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Tyson Price

Peak Performance and Business Coach

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